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  • tranz am ·
    Hey I'm having a hard time posting an introductory post to the new member section. Every time I try to post it says I'm not allowed.
    bl1871 ·
    hey dictator, any suggestions for getting info out of your subjects on whats the deal with my brake lights?
    eBlazer ·
    Hey What? I hope you are still interested enough to answer one more question. I have a 2000 Blazer LT 2WD 4Door that I have converted to an electric motor. After stuffing a bunch of batteries along side the drive shaft, I now need to lift this beast about 5-6". I have read through a ton of posts on the S10Forum and the BlazerForum to no avail. Hoping you can point me in the right direction. I have visited eBay, Amazon, BDS, MaxTrac, SuperLift, FabTech, ChassisTech, BellTech, etc etc etc. I have even called these companies to see if anyone has any 3"-3.5" lift spindles. Argh! I'm an engineer by trade and a weekend mechanic, so I'm not afraid of a few mods. Any ideas?
    Ken (SoCal)

    If you prefer, I can post this in a forum....which one?
    aatdalton ·
    Hello, I'm trying to post a question in the 4.3 forum and I'm getting a message that I don't have permission to do that. What do I need to do to get there? I've confirmed my email as far as I know.
    dimerunner882 ·
    Hey What?. I have an old account "dimerunner88" and I can't log on and no longer have access to my old email. How can I get this fixed?
    oldgold1985 ·
    Hey What? I have not been able to log into my oldgold1985 acct for several days, something to do with my IP addy. Hopefully get this fixed. Thanks, Cliff
    Fortissimo ·
    I created an account long ago, but haven't posted in years. Changed my password last week, but I am not allowed to create a new thread.
    I'd like to post -- do I need a new account? My profile has the correct email address. Username is Fortissimo
    Thank you
    Steve-Z ·
    The Admin told me I could post, but when I go into the "LSX Discussion" and attempt to start a new Thread, the system says I do not have permission to start a new thread. What do I need to do to be able to start a new thread? I want to ask the forum members questions about my plan for putting and LS engine in my 2003 S-10 truck. Thanks
    cbennett20 ·
    I'm told you might be able to help me re activate my old account haven't been on in awhile, I see there has been a hack.

    Thanks Chris
    Wolverines ·
    I just got this 2000 s10 2.2 I changed the raditor and at the bottom of the raditor I seen a pump? booster? circulation? I can't find it any where any help would be great I think it is working
    agiletimberwolf ·
    Hey I saw you advice about my spindle question, You suggested I get an alignment. Have you had experience with this before? Im pretty new to the lift world.
    KOENIG ·
    Hey I'm unsure of who to talk to about lifting my truck. I am very new at all of this as I have never lifted a truck before. This site seems to have all the answers but I'm still confused. I have a 01 2wd s10 and I bought a maxtrax 3 in spindles and 2 inch shackles. It came with dot brake lines. I tried doing the shackles first since they are easier and once I pulled off the stock shackle and jacked up the truck, it was like the rear shocks were lifting the axle and tires off of the ground. So there was no way I could have enough slack between my leafs and the frame to put on the extended shackles. Les schwab told me I'd probly need bigger shocks to make up for the extended shackles. Also curious if I do get bigger rear shocks in the rear then won't I need bigger shocks in the front after I install the 3 inch spindles? I do have moog 5664 in the front. I'm really lost and since I been buying this stuff I haven't even been able to put stuff on
    patdufo ·
    want to do the 2.2 turbo to a 1997,any advice on building the motor first?cavalier world seems crazy expensive?any others you know of?thanks
    is it possible to delete this thread. my wife put in wrong place. i redid it to wanted to buy.
    need a underdrive alternator pulley,anyone sellin?
    Tbone123 ·
    2000 Chevy s10 trk 4 cyl 2wd xcab. Just body lifted 2" and added 31" tires that rub on chassis. 1-2 " spacers should help. currently at shop due to wreck. willing to cut to help any possible fender/flare rub. will the spacers make the fender rub worse? any other suggestions?
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