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  1. >>SLAB: Slow Low And Bangin

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    style 5's i love them i regret selling mine, cant wait to see them on!
  2. "NWNL8TR" another 4 door blazer

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    small up date some relocation swapin in the non ac box
  3. "NWNL8TR" another 4 door blazer

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    thanks man I've been working on it for a long time. i had a hell of a time finding a 2wd blazer around me in especially in a 4 door. mine made its way up to oregon from new mexico.
  4. "NWNL8TR" another 4 door blazer

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    well My big body crew cab shorty got some love today at a local show took a top 40 trophy
  5. "NWNL8TR" another 4 door blazer

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    picked up a billet wheel tryed my hand at re wraping it today came out ok will need to redo with better material but it was my first time ever doing a wheel.
  6. "NWNL8TR" another 4 door blazer

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    well she had a CEL had OBD2 port on 95...turns out is obd1.5 my scan tool would not work on it niether would a buddies. turnes out you jump pins 5&6 and turn is on and it flashes to displays the codes with a series of flashes. took me like 45 min to find info on how to do it! anyways back to...
  7. "NWNL8TR" another 4 door blazer

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    MOARRRRLOWWWW and later after i horde some parts going to bag it. today i pulled a leaf and blocked it choping the coils in the front 1 1/4 coils. wifes makin me take a brake to run some errands hope to have pix up tonight. this is my first second gen blazer. WTF does all the static guys do with...
  8. "NWNL8TR" another 4 door blazer

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    my new razzleberry! 1995 Blazer 218 on the clock 4.3 vortec 2wd picked up on the cheap after a minor accident. how she sits at the moment lots of plans takin a brake from the crew cab.
  9. Project: Littlescotty's joining the BD roster

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    dope build! going to play with my 83 some day already got the clutch stuff worked out i kept the manual linkage instead of goin hydro.
  10. boost parts

    0411 ecm connectors 25.00 shipped ls2 tb *stock* 75.00 shipped
  11. The Family Dragger

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    looks good! i love my bagged crew cab!
  12. k^wood's daily driver build

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    mockin the tank up
  13. k^wood's daily driver build

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    im lookin to go with hot rod flats champagne gold metallic very close to my stock color with a satin finish. picked up a 1st gen blazer tank to swap in the rear. also swooped up a 0411 pcm,hx35w,and some other goodies for it. snail wont be going on for a while. but the crew is in the shop...
  14. New 03 build project

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    sweet man looking good moving right along
  15. 01 blazer back half with bags on bar!!!

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    sweet build but why is there no locating device for the rear end? do you recive an enough triangulation from the lower with the small bars. never seen a setup like that i really like it