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  • fast68chevy ·
    wut up you still lokoing for a glove box latch assemby? first gen or? 91 92 style? or?

    if so i think i still have mine, plus several other dash and under hood and etc parts too.


    can text 217 671 7792,. sometimes i dont sign into forums for months at a time.
    Chia ·
    i have 3 inch blocks, 2 inch spindles and 1 inch springs from djm, bilstein shocks, zq8 sway bars, zq8 frame brace, poly bushings got a new gas tank. Need to get it running soon cause wifes gettin pissy its just sitting in the drive way. Oh yeah I got another kid on the way.
    Chia ·
    Man Im gonna need some help soon to start working on the truck. I have boxes of parts piling yp in the garage and wifes freking out about it. By the way saw u on 29 the other day. Got a new tow pig huh.
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