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  • ramos_zq8 ·
    hey man i was just wondering if u still had those pewter tails
    or if you knew if i could do something close to that with stock tails
    or with those ebay clear tails
    BobOnAir ·
    Hey man. I need your help. I am going to be writing my Body repair license and if you could type out a small letter stating what I did to your truck and approx hours that I spent on it. It's a long story but I have to do this shit because I don't work at the collision centre anymore. Let me know if you can. I would say about 200 hours total for everything I've done so far?
    Thanks man.
    allenmpack ·
    Hey man i see you got some extreme parts... would by chace have or know anyone that could get me a whole body kit .. regular bed?
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