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  1. Pittsburgh Area!

    I go to this show pretty often during the summer... but I avoid the first and last night because it is always packed beyond belief.
  2. Pittsburgh Area!

    Sorry I didn't stick around at Wexford and BS with you guys. The staff there was giving my girlfriend a hard time in my Blazer and my nephews got all upset. So we just took off. It was overly crowded anyways. Any other cruises coming up soon?
  3. Pittsburgh Area!

    I don't have anyone's number any more actually. My contact list on my phone was recently wiped out and I'm still rebuilding it. I'll have my truck and my Blazer tonight. I wanted to bring my truck and my nephews talked (read: bugged) me into taking them too. So my girl is gonna follow me in...
  4. Pittsburgh Area!

    I'll be heading out at some point. I don't get off work till 5, grab a quick bite and do a quick shine job.
  5. Pittsburgh Area!

    I'll swing out. I just have to decide what to bring. Do you know what theme it is for the last night?
  6. Pittsburgh Area!

    I didn't get a chance to cruise through the show, but the truck you describe is my buddy Joe's truck. He has an account here but I don't think he ever uses the computer. If he had it out driving, then he got his V8 swap done.
  7. Take shits... at work!

    I take 2 shits a day almost on a schedule. Its a good way to take a break, get some relief, and goof off for a few mins. I just leave my PSP at work so I can take it with me. I can read digital comic books, play games, check the web. I even have SNES and NES games on it for nostalgic purposes...
  8. Pittsburgh Area!

    I'm undecided about Carlisle. I've gone like 7 or 8 years in a row at one point and it was largely the same trucks over and over. The only real fun was hanging out with friends I don't see too often. Many of them are not even going this year so its not a big deal to me. If I do go, it will...
  9. Pittsburgh Area!

    It was nice to meet you Kovs and xmb. Too bad we couldn't hang out and BS longer.
  10. Pittsburgh Area!

    What time are you planning on getting there? I will be there around 6 - 6:30. Are you gonna be driving the Blazer thats in your sig link? I decided I'm bringing the truck. I attached a pic in case you haven't seen mine before. EDIT: DOH! I just realized I had a pic as my avatar...
  11. Pittsburgh Area!

    Anyone going to the Wexford Starlite Cruise this Friday? I have plans to head out there. Not sure yet it I will bring the truck or the bike but I'll be there either way. There is also Jerry' Curb Service in Bridgewater. It's a 50s style curb side diner... sorta like Sonic. It's a good place...
  12. Pittsburgh Area!

    If by some chance the weather is nice I'll be cruisin out to the Starlite Cruise in Wexford with the pick-up.
  13. Pittsburgh Area!

    I'm still alive and kickin.... and still got a few S-series in the driveway.
  14. Anyone else on here thinking about getting a scooter?

    Like a few people mentioned you can't go wrong with a Ninja 250. I just got one a few months ago and couldn't be happier with it. It gets 65mpg and goes 100mph with my fat ass on it. Finding used ones is usually pretty easy, despite what's been said here. 9 times out of 10 someone gets one to...
  15. New guy from Pittsburgh

    New Members
    I'm a bit farther north in Beaver Co. Welcome.