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  • 2old4this ·
    I sure did wait a long time to respond eh?
    Haven't been here for a long while, but now having troubles so need to ask and I saw this message from you.
    Hope all is well. When you say "putter" did you mean repair or do some mods?
    MSB95 ·
    been off this for quite some time hadn't seen your question.
    I have a GMC Sonoma 2WD 4.3L V6
    nothing fancy on it just a good work truck
    ngtstalker ·
    hey bud:) been working my butt off on the 10 trying to get stuff done. just come on to post a few pictures. hows your truck coming along?
    AWD V8 ·
    I like the GMC face better than the Chevy.

    The old red '89 was just getting to old and worn. Scrapped it for parts.

    The green '95, I was stopped at a red light and the semi behind me was planning to run the light.
    01XtremeS10 ·
    Up at 5:15. Early in, early out. ---Retirement, i'll never get to see that, the government will see to that. I'll be on the 357 plan.
    01XtremeS10 ·
    Delphi was / is (can't remember) a supplier to GM. Delphi is supposed to be the Retail version where A/C delco is the factory version---just a rebadging is what I am saying. I am going to trust is over a parts store one, To be honest, it was around $300 at a few places I looked at but Rock Auto had it cheaper. I got a place I normally deal with to price match it.
    TonysS10 ·
    thanks man. Got an a/c issue today I'm trying to trouble shoot. I got a few projects on my hands for now. LOL
    Ricardo57 ·
    yeah, it's always been a trade off for me. I loved the more modern look of my 95 blazer, but plastic bumpers? meh. I specifically looked for the truck I got, old school but with some amenities-A/C, and fuel injection! No more carbs!!
    Coyote1 ·
    Thanks, I took the grill out to paint it and the painted line on the top wasn't straight I taped it off and took lacquer thinner to it and found out the top of the grill was all chrome plate so I wiped it all off looks neat me, I will get a pick of it.
    Kellie ·
    I love to go mudding but dont much cuz she's still my dailey driver. Plus I'd be so upset if I recked my sugar babe. :)
    TokoDragon ·
    An automatic transmission will absorb more abuse through the torque converter, a 5-speed is a more direct connection and puts more stress on the drive train.
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