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    Hey there Insane,

    I have two separate questions i hope u can point me in the right direction to the answers.

    #1) I'm thinking about buying a 96 S10 with a blown 4.3 for cheap. Guy has another 4.3 that comes with it. Do u have any idea on how to read the numbers on the engine to see what year the engine is, so i can figure out what the swap includes?

    #2) Id also like to know how to match an engine up with the vehicles vin to make sure its the actual motor that came with the vehicle, so i know the odometer is correct on the mileage?

    Thanks, Dave (937) 545-5338
    challenor2011 ·
    i was at salvage yard and i found a rear disc brake assy on 4wd model, and i have 2wd model, same year. the depth of the disc hub to mounting flange was 3/4 wider than drums. wont the axles have to be changed as well? i ended up pulling a disc rear G80, GT4 out of a GMC envoy. overall width the same but hub assy measurements still off, as same as blazer. i have a GT5.
    jbrooks02 ·
    could you possibly send me the pictures on the how to on LED conversion isk if they are suppose to be in the post but it wont load on my computer. Thanks.
    tommyboys10 ·
    Hey I have a question about a post you written a while back about the rear diff. I have a 96 s 10 pickup and installed a 97 diff from a bravada with disc brakes. Did you have to mess around with the proportion valve at all?
    jaxgent ·
    Read your Howto on LED conversion. Do you recall, which T1 you used on the AC/Heat panel? There is T1, T1 1/4, T1 3/4. I do have a post on this.
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