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  • Rhotpursuit ·
    Nothing wrong with firm shifts..

    Swaying is not good..

    I'm not sure where you would find number info.

    You might try posting in the ZR2 section.
    LMs10crewcab ·
    Hello, im new on this forum and need some advise.

    I'm looking into buying a 1998 s10 zr2

    I went and took it for a test drive and...

    It shifted hard when accellerating is that normal for a automatic zr2 trans?

    It swayed down the road and was a little shaky when going 45mph, is that normal?

    It could have had a engine swap, do you know by chance where the numbers are so I could see if they match?

    Thanks alot for your time, I am purchasing my first vehicle.
    Have a good night!
    03 ZQ8 ·
    Hey man, just out of curiousity, what kind of wheels do you have on your truck in the picture by the mountain?
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