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  • Phil85207 ·
    I just found the Arizona section and noticed you live in AJ. I am just west of there on University near Crismon Rd. Maybe we could get together and eye each others ride. Give me a pm if interested.
    hi_im_sean ·
    its fukin shitty. i cant go work outside for 30 minutes without getting sick, and thats if youre man enough to work outside in the summer to begin with lol. i keep reminding myself of how awesome our winters are... bleh
    code_red63366 ·
    No problem.. The tensioner seems to be the weak link in that area and I have heard and seen all kinds of opinions on it on here. Im still in the learning process of the actual cure for it, so in 6 months or so from now, i plan on giving a POSITIVE!!! update on it, i hope.lol
    code_red63366 ·
    Sorry you had to find out the hard way,, I to had to go back and replace my tensioner only to find now that the cloyes timing chain itself has eaten my GM tensioner,,,,, this will be the 3rd attempt on tearing it down. This time all GM parts period, no aftermarket is going in.
    beandip ·
    a taurus fan is just from a ford taurus car with the 3.8L engine. the fan is popular because it has enough power to cool V8 trucks and for its super easy install. i got mine off a 1993 i believe.
    BravadaX ·
    The dealership.that's were I worked for 7 years before I got my current job.it's way more expensive than autozone or advance but,you try to save money and it bites you in tha ass.
    GMC Motorsports ·
    Yeah, you should be able to sleeve any motor, unless it is already sleeved, sleeving involves overboring the motor and pressing in a sleeve
    i'm not to sure what 3/4'' tubing you're talking about.the actual cold air intake is 3''.it has ss connectors with ss tclamps it can be viewed and purchased here.
    Silicone 90
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