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  1. Free shirts for first posts!

    please can i have a free shirt..........
  2. Rusty chassis

    Exterior / Paint
    the only way sure, fire way would be to remove the parts and sandlast them prime and paint with an idustrial paint like endura or powder coat
  3. firewall problem

    Exterior / Paint
    Ceramic Coated Headers
  4. How are you guys smoothing out your dashes???

    Interior Styling
    check out custom dash pics above your entry question there lots of great ideas and cool pics
  5. Cowl hoods for heat reduction?

    Exterior / Paint
    I agree as well cowl hoods do help with cooling engine compartment temp. if you have electric fans your laughing even if your not moving my temp will drop arox 15 degrees every 5m its great for at the track
  6. Custom dashes... Post Up Pics!

    Interior Styling
    This has been an ongoing problem i belive not just for you but for many. I have tried everything from fiberglass to bondo to just straight fiberglass resin. nothing worked i had about 80 hours into my first dash was close to being finished thought id put it outside to see what the sun wouyld do...
  7. high stall converter

    Transmission & Rearend
    I Afraid Theres Not Much Point In Putting A High Stall For Your Aplication