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  • PinkNoma ·
    Mine does ok on the highway. It's a 2.5L with a 4 speed. The speed limit is only 65 in Illinois though. I drove mine to eastern Tennessee this spring and we probably averaged 70 mph. I don't know how high it was revving though. I wouldn't be interested in pushing it much harder than that.

    That blazer will be a little different though. A lot of variables with gears and tire sizes and just the extra running gear of the 4x4 stuff. Mine is completely stock. Stock tire size also.
    kens97sto171 ·
    He says it's the big 4 cyl. with the 4spd manual. Did some reading... if its the 2.5L Tech 4 (Iron Duke) It seems it's a pretty durable engine. Was wondering how that 4spd manual will do on the highway. Or any other opinions would be appreciated. $400 seems reasonable to me too. If it runs decent and looks decent. Thanks
    PinkNoma ·
    In 86 the "big engine" would've been the 2.8L V6. The 4.3L didn't come along until 1988. $400 is pretty cheap. Doesn't sound bad as long as isn't a piece of junk.
    kens97sto171 ·
    Hi, New to the forum... another member suggested I talk to you regarding the 4spd manual trans that is in the 86 blazer. I am looking at one on Craigslist. And would appreciate any help with deciding if it would be a decent buy. It's an 86 4x4 with 120K on it. the "big engine" I am assuming that means the 2.5 its a 2 door, and he says it has a 4 spd manual trans. The vehicle belonged to his father who was the origianl owner. he is selling for $400 and says the only issue is a battery, and right front caliper is locked up.
    Thanks for your help.
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