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  1. New Car and good by to all.

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    nate btw the belltech 3 inch drop springs ride like crap for the 98 up blazer trucks. i use s10 springs in them now for example the s10 2 inch drop spring rides tons better than a 98 up blazer 2 inch drop spring we have a 5.5/7 rides ok and rear is notched. you will need 255 45 18 in front to...
  2. New Car and good by to all.

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    rims im keeping those for now. no one makes a rim to fit over the brembos right now that i like. no boyds on a import lol mods i have in the garage intake crank pully downpipe (which im jet coating) boost controller and im looking for a cat back that doesnt have a big rice boy tip atthe end...
  3. New Car and good by to all.

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    thanks guys ill come around from time to time.
  4. New Car and good by to all.

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    Well guys last 5 years have been fun. I got a subaru sti wrx and no more s trucks for me (danny98s10 from this forum is picking up our blazer x so thats gone also) Id like to say thanks to all those that helped me out and hope you guys all stay safe and keep mini truckin alive. Everytime I...
  5. help me find some wheels!!

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    guys not sellin the stuff anymore sorry. things have come up tony
  6. Dropped the Noma

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    how about 19x8 adn 19x10 savages 245 40 19 and 295 35 19 rear 1500 miles on the set im selling? this is zq8 plus 2/3. SORRY TO WHORE UP THE THREAD LOL
  7. Which would look better?

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    interested in some 19x8 and 19x10 295 35 19 and 245 40 19 in front michelins. 1500 miles on the set. click my sig to see them. for the price yuo will pay for those rims with tires then all the extras you could have 19s, and 295 35 19 on the 19x10 in rear is the ones people just comment to me...
  8. Redneck hunting gone bad lol have to see!!!!

    50 caliber lol, and samuel ill stay here as long as i want lol.
  9. Redneck hunting gone bad lol have to see!!!!

    http://www.dogbegone.com/video/opening.wmv http://www.dogbegone.com/video/humor.wmv http://www.dogbegone.com/video/gutless.wmv http://www.dogbegone.com/video/maxcarn.wmv
  10. New Tires

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    i have 255 60 15 rear and 235 60 15 on some stock 15x7s. 255 60 15 is same height as your stock tire so you wont have probs with speedo
  11. help me find some wheels!!

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    im selling my 19x8 and 19x10 boyds 1500 miles 245 40 19and 29 35 19 rear yes 295 35 rear. they cost over 3700 new selling for 2000 plus shipping i put them on a customers x which i did a 2/3 drop on and they fit perfect and tuck really nice quick pics
  12. what size tire for my new 18s?

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    if you have zq8 plus 2/3 245 45 18 is the biggest id go in front, rear 255 45 18. dam im selling my 19s also to bad i didnt get ahold of you before
  13. good rim website

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    if you get boyds i got a set of 19s that im selling 1500 miles with michelin pilot sports i fyour interested
  14. did better at the track

    Blowers and Bottles
    <---gettin a sti wrx
  15. Level with 18s

    2wd Droppin'
    umm i have a set of 19x8 and 19x10 im selling with tires. 3.5/4.5 drop www.n2onoma.com to see pics