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  1. {Project} Beandip's Daily Driver

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    Just spent 2 hours going through your thread start to finish! Great work love all you have done What side diameter are the components? I want to upgrade my door speakers as the drivers side on hasnt worked since i bought the truck a year ago!!
  2. {Project} Beandip's Daily Driver

    Member Projects
    Just spend two hours going through this thread from start to finish. Great work love everything you have done! Good to see how you mounted the components too. What size diameter are they? My drivers side door speaker has died and fancy a decent upgrade as have never fitted components in to...
  3. 2.2 surge under load

    2.2L - 2nd gen 4-banging
    Mine seems to have a lack of power sometimes too when full throttle, i plugged it in an had the same fault stored. I cleared it last night then drove 25 miles on highway and it hasnt returned didnt go full throttle at all tho as my brake warning came on and have lost most of my fluid from the...
  4. Good Vibrations....or not

    Transmission & Rearend
    Did you sort this? My 2.2 vibrates at the same speed
  5. Better Towing Harness Option?

    Electrical / Lighting
    These could help your problem. http://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-Accessories_and_Parts-sf-Wiring-pc-Mounting_Brackets.aspx
  6. Better Towing Harness Option?

    Electrical / Lighting
    Oh yea i forgot the stop/turn lights are combined, hence there being less wires. I expect they just have screw fittings the same as the 6/7 pin connectors.
  7. Better Towing Harness Option?

    Electrical / Lighting
    Just looked in to our 7 pin compared to the U.S one, and they are completley different so i prob cant be anyhelp. what do you need by law in u.s for a trailer? Our 7 pin consists of: Left indicator Right indicator Left parking light Right parking light Brake/Stop lights Fog light Earth
  8. Better Towing Harness Option?

    Electrical / Lighting
    In the uk we have 7 pin plugs that are mounted solid i will be wiring one in to my s10 very soon so ill try and take a few pictures etc. I removed the dangling T adaptor today that all fell apart when i took the tape off and the joints had rusted away, not really sure how my rear lights still...
  9. Bean's New Dip {PROJECT ZR2}

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    Very nice! :)
  10. Cab corner repalcement

    S10 / Sonoma
    Is this quite common then? My s10 has a rust whole on that pannel to but that is the only place. How can it be prevented? Is there a good website i can mail order the pannel as i am from england? Sorry for the hijack
  11. Postage to uk

    The Suspension Source
    Have not decided yet. Does it effect postage costs?
  12. Postage to uk

    The Suspension Source
    Hi i am planning on buying my lowering items from you. They will include 2" drop spindles 3" leaf springs lowering springs (yet to decide what ") lowering block (yet to decide what ") I expect i will also need shock absorbers. Can you give me an idea on postage costs please. My postal...
  13. 10% Off Coupon Code

    The Suspension Source
    Is this only if the parts come to $400 or can it be including the postage? This may be a silly question.
  14. project boomzoku

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    Hows this going? Great work by the way surprised with the negative comments but each to there own i suppose.
  15. S10 Sittin Right

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    As ive been in to the vw scene and drift scene my favorite look is hella flush! Just think you need thinner and lower profile tyres to pull it off propperly. Either way nice truck and great to find some s10 owners with similar wheel fitment taste. Here is my old caddy....