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  1. reputation points

    Community Help
    what happened to all the reputation that we used to have? the old system? i had like 40 positive points.
  2. wrecked my 51 chevy truck

    Wrecked Rides
    no thanks. i been with the same women for 17 years. i did get her insurance agancies number though...:rolleyes:
  3. wrecked my 51 chevy truck

    Wrecked Rides
    i sure do. here is what it looked like in march dash four link suicide spring perch at the road rocket rumble in indy(1st time on the road) before paint
  4. wrecked my 51 chevy truck

    Wrecked Rides
    i have been gathering parts for another one. this one will be built around me. are you interested? the cab is a 40`s ford truck. the frame is 48 international.i would sell it at any stage of the build.
  5. Just a Thought......

    Baggin' It
    i will pm you the details. i don`t wanna bring any negativity to your thread because of their stupidity.
  6. wrecked my 51 chevy truck

    Wrecked Rides
    they seem to be popular.and cheap to build as well. the total parts cost on this was $4,100. that cheap if you can build it all yourself. this truck could easily go for $10,000 on e-bay.
  7. louisville hot rod nationals

    Air Ride Technologies - RideTech
    i was there too.
  8. Rising acetylene cost in my area

    Fabricators Forum
    i have used propane for many years. i have a plaz also but use the torch when i need something at a scrap yard or cutting up a parts truck or heating stuck bolts. it does take a little longer to heat up and requires a different tip.
  9. SD 3-link question

    Baggin' It
    it is 6.75 inches
  10. Just a Thought......

    Baggin' It
    someone did this in like 2005 on here and scammed a whole lotaa people out of money. they were a shop from lafayette indiana. i have no reason to believe that would be the case here but, i`m sure a few may be leary. maybe have the drawing at a show or something.
  11. I just contacted AIM and um wow ...

    Consumer/Member Reports
    i can`t believe that minitruckin still carries their ad... aim has been shit for as long as i can remember... and i`m old....
  12. rear ratio

    Transmission & Rearend
    it usually level the truck out. i have a set of 2inch blocks and u-bolts just laying in the garage.
  13. wrecked my 51 chevy truck

    Wrecked Rides
    i hadn`t planned on it.
  14. wrecked my 51 chevy truck

    Wrecked Rides
    i was hit by a girl head on.
  15. rear ratio

    Transmission & Rearend
    also... your truck definetely needs lowered a bit..