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  • redrum239 ·
    Hey bro ... Sorry you don't wanna finish your truck .. it was looking awesome ... U said that u were selling stuff I was wondering if u still had your nfamus five link here is my number so u can let me know 2398485253
    mattadams13 ·
    Im really not sure, i think you can, but im not positive. I have the same back spacing except in a 22x10 so i hope it works.
    quick331stang ·
    hey man i hate to bother but you seem to know alot about wheels and back spacing ect... I got a 99 s10 bagged bodied 3 1/2 no bed floor yet. can i run a 20x10 with 5 1/2 back spacing? im scared it will rub the inside of the bed sides to bad when its laid out. I dont plan on driving it laid out, but i just dont wanna spend big money for wheels that wont work. thanks Robbie
    mattadams13 ·
    Im not sure about a 10in wide wheel and a step side bed. If the offset is right you should have no problem, but i dont know what the correct offset should be. I can help you out with what to cut out. I dont have any pictures but i cut around the wheel tubs right outside the spot welds inside the bed. Cut around the tub on the inner bedside until the tub is loose from the bed. Then I cut the inner fender inside the bedside as close to the actual beside that i could. I wish i had pictures but i think when you start doing the cutting you will see what im talking about.
    xxotick ·
    Hey I was wondering if you could help me out here I'm baggin my sonoma with a stepside bed and 20by10 in the rear do you have any pics of how you tubbed you bed or what you had to do to make it sit level
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