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  • TrackTV6Roadster ·
    I'm not sure my messages are getting to you, It shows you to be online, not sure if you can PM on this site. I'm looking for a Offenhauser intake manifold. If you have one you would like to sell or know someone else who does, I'm interested. Can text or call me at 720 382 9448.
    Thank you.
    wmnixdorf ·
    Hey, i am getting ready to do the 2.8 to 3.4 swap, had a few questions. I had back surgery so everything from last year got put on hold. Question 1) i was told to get a better oil pump, i was looking at a HV pump but would i use the pick up from the old oil pump since my truck is a 198 4x4 auto? I found HV oil pumps for the 3.4L and was going to buy one of them. 2) what gasket set should i buy for water pump intake and so on? for the 2.8 or the 3.4? 3) Is it worth it to switch to a eletric fan? The truck will be my hunting/fishing rig, as well as daily driver until my K5 is complete? Thank you
    Ironduker ·
    Thanks Max, I agree totally. The RTV on the timing cover being fresh sealed the deal for me. No reason for anyone to take it off except to replace the gears and or the cam. I put it back together today, it was only the coil was bad, (original coil !!), I know it is the original one because I had to drill out the rivets on the bracket to replace the coil. I am getting old and my diagnostic skills are not what they used to be. Thanks again for the help, MUCH appreciated.
    Ironduker ·
    Hey Max, I hope I am not bothering you. I value your advice, I don't know if you saw my post but I took my Iron Duke apart thinking the timing gears were shot, but it wasnt that and they look fine. I have new gears, would you go ahead and change them if it was your truck ? I plan using the drilling the cam method, and am not sure that these gears havent allready been replaced. The truck had 145,000 on it when I got it and the timing cover looked by the sealant like it had been off before. Would appreciate your opinion. Thanks, Jerry
    wmnixdorf ·
    So I am working on a 87 s10 2.8L 4x4 with the 700r4, I read as many threads as I could on the 2.8-3.4 swap. Think I got it down but wanna make sure. The 3.4 will be from a 93 Camaro, from what I understand I can drop it in the s10 by switching the oil pan from the 2.8, the intake/TBI from the 2.8. Now here is where I get confused, I can use the water pump from the 87 2.8 on the Camaro engine or use the Camaro engine and switch to a electric fan if I use the water pump does timing chain cover need to be changed? I also read that I would need a oil tube from a 4.3L? The flywheel from a 88 or newer 2.8? Please let me know if I missed something, In my area there is no 3.1 or 3.4's so the 3.4 I will be getting is shipped to me 126k on it but still runs with a 1 year warranty. Thank you William
    wmnixdorf ·
    Hey Mad Max was wondering if you could answer a few 2.8 to 3.4 swap? I read I think almost all the thread but just need to make sure I understood it.
    supernova72 ·
    Interested in learning more about your 3.4L swaps. I have a 1985 S-15 4X4 auto, ext cab. 2.8L current motor. Can't seem to find that GM crate motor that develops 160 hp. Discontinued...bummer.

    PS...Im a newbie. Can't seem to post in regular forums "yet".
    mlnhead ·
    I about died laughing when I followed your exhaust link to summit, for the 3" exhaust. My 2.5L would sound like Bob the Builder whistling dixie in a cave with that thing. Though mine has been rebuilt, it only has stock internals and externals.
    pxwolvie ·
    Oh I agree, they are calling for the high of 35 and low of teens on Thursday, but yeah it's a cold wet damp feeling alright. Made the trip up north last week for Thanksgiving and it was a lot like this. We lucked out and left before the snow hit up there. Bourbon got me wanting a glass right now!!
    What are your plans for Christmas? I'm going to meet up with you one way or another, LOL!
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