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  1. need help wiring new amp

    Sound and Security
    They Are 4 Ohm, I Messed With It A Little Over The Weekend. I Found A Diagram On Crutchfield To Wire Them Down To 1Ohm. At Least I Think So Lol
  2. need help wiring new amp

    Sound and Security
    Yup,Makes Perfect Sense. Thanks!
  3. need help wiring new amp

    Sound and Security
    This Is How I Had Planned On Wiring It Up, Is That Right? The Whole 4 Output Thing Confuses Me, Although Im Probably Overthinking It. As For The Subs, Im Almost Positive They Are 2 Ohm But Im Not Sure, Theyve Been In The Box For years
  4. need help wiring new amp

    Sound and Security
    Hey Guys, Its Been Forever Since Ive Been On The Board But Im In Need Of Some Help. I Just Bought A Hifonics Brz 1200.D Im Hooking Up To 2 Cerwin Vega Vmax 10S, With My Curreny Setup They Are Wired To 2 Ohms But Going To A 2 Channel Amp, This Hifonics Is A Moni Block But It Has 4 Outputs, How...
  5. It's finally my turn!

    4wd SFA
    Does One Slip Farther Than The Other?
  6. It's finally my turn!

    4wd SFA
    I Still Have This Thing, I Blew The Rear End About A year Ago And Am Just Now Getting Around To Fixing it. Still Dont Have A Drive Shaft For It. Ive Read Before That A 1St Gen Explorer Driveshaft Works Good FoR The Front, Can Anyone Verify That? Ive Searched ALittle But Havent Really Been Able...
  7. Help fixing a paint chip!

    Exterior / Paint
    Can I do that with the little touch up paint from walmart? Or will I actually have to use "real" paint? death trap-It didn't just start happening, the truck got painted a year ago and it looks like its been doing it the whole time, just finally chipped it is all. And, it's not an s10... '89 toyota
  8. Help fixing a paint chip!

    Exterior / Paint
    2 tone red n black. The chip is on the black
  9. Help fixing a paint chip!

    Exterior / Paint
    I went to hop in the truck this morning and saw what I though was bird shit on the door right where the door/fender gap is so I looked at it closer and there is about a thumbnail sized chip in the paint where the door is just hardly barely hitting the fender. Obviously I need to pull the fender...
  10. Back in a mini!

    Member Rides
    It's been FOREVER since I posted on the forum but I finally got my hands on another mini so I had to show off a little hahaha I traded my '95 s10 last year for a '58 chevy brookwood, took all of a month to realize I missed having a mini. So after almost a year of looking, I finally found...
  11. 1958 Chevy Brookwood with 350/T56 for sale/trade

    Ok... I traded my bodydropped s10 for this car about a year ago and have decided I want a mini again. If it's an s10 i'd prefer a square body but am really interested in import minitrucks, as well as fullsizes and blazers. The car has a good, strong running 350 out of an early 70's Suburban...
  12. fiction fabs, post your everythings

    Oh i do, almost on a daily basis :cool:
  13. fiction fabs, post your everythings

    Wifey is currently preggo with our first. He's due March 8th but shes been having contractions the last couple days so he'll be here sooner than that i'm hoping! The little guys name is Jaxon Danger :D Wifey Jaxon at around 14 weeks
  14. It's finally my turn!

    4wd SFA
    Well, I got the transmission xmember modded the other day so I took this thing on a couple deliveries yesturday for kind of a shake down run. There are some funny clunks and whines once and a while, gotta check the backlash in the rear end and change every bearing I can find on the drivetrain...
  15. New cd player=subs dont hit as hard?

    Sound and Security
    I dont remember the model number off the top of my head. The kenwood was a KDC series I know that much, I've messed with it quite a bit and got it sounding better but didn't even realize the difference in preout voltage