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  1. calling out guys who did the blazer tank swap and gas door tail light mod

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    there are a few guys that have made post on this and I don't know if it is from length of time or what but I cant find the help I am looking for.... trying to get a visual on what and how the tail light door is done but everyone who posted up there pics are not viewable anymore.... so can...
  2. blazer tank swap/fuel pump questions****** please help

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    that's what I am going to try and do.... I compared the two pumps last night at a auto store and it is on about 1/4 inch difference in height but then where the feed tube goes into the pump it had a slight difference..... but I am going to try it, just was curious on what other did when they did...
  3. blazer tank swap/fuel pump questions****** please help

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    Ok been doing research on this for some time and finally come to a wall.... I have a 94 s10 4.3 tbi motor.... Have a blazer tank and sending unit from basiclly a 95. My question is has to do with the pump itself. Ive seen where alot of you guys who have done this just swap and go..... My issue...
  4. 94 4.3 headers

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    ok before you all say use the search, I have and came up with nothing that helps. I have a 94 s10 4.3 auto and I am looking for headersand for somereason 94 and 95 are exempt from these. so I guess my question is would the ones from a 96+ or 93- work. if so how do you make them work. I know...
  5. Air ride parts for sale

    do you still have the gauges...... in need badly..... if you cant get me on here find me on facebook..... josh minzler is my name you will tell which is mine, have two bagged dimes
  6. suicide hood question......please help

    Exterior / Paint
    I have a question for those who have done the suicode hoods.... I have been search the forums and I can't really find what I'm looking for.mainly every link I have found had a steel hood. I have a cervinis fiberglass hood and was wondering if this is still a possability for me or not.... any...
  7. 2nd Gen 4.3 Suicide Hood (How-to)

    Exterior / Paint
    Hey extremevl was wondering if doing this was your hood metal or fiberglass.... I want to do this mod myself but I have a cervinis hood which is all fiberglass... is there anyway to do the front tilt with a fiberglass hood.....
  8. motor and trans correct placement

    V8 Discussion
    Ok I have a 95 dime that was 4.3 5spd.... it has been pulled and I have a sbc and a 700r4. ...my issue is with the transdapt motor mounts will the tras go into stock location. Or what trans are you guys using.... need help asap so I can get drivetrain on the trick.
  9. LSoH Steering Kit Group Buy! (Final one!)

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    if i can get this motor sold i will be in.... last time i was on here i was golden for one.... put cash down on a house and a week later got laid off... so money is real tight. but if i get my sbc sold ill have my deposit in.... cause damn my bday is may 22 i need a good bday present lol
  10. sfbd on 22 camber issues

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    ok i have a dime that is sfbd on 22's... my question is i have shims(washers) that have me some neg camber to where my hood wont close. if i take out all my shims would that help with correcting the problem... or will i run into pos camber at lift... have any of you guys had this issue at...
  11. LSoH Steering Kit Group Buy! (Final one!)

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    has anybody posted this on the s10 group on facebook yet... if not i will...
  12. LSoH Steering Kit Group Buy! (Final one!)

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    I plan on gettin a deposit in soon. Gettin ready to put cash down on a house so when I do that ill send my deposit in. Whats awsome is the starting of finall payment (may22) is my bday....do I get a bday discount for that lol...
  13. LSoH Steering Kit Group Buy for the 3rd time!

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    ill have mine in by the deadline for the deposit, just dont have it this week...
  14. LSoH Steering Kit Group Buy for the 3rd time!

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    hey geat any word on the boots or any other mods others have made to there kits that may improve little things. i know some was puttin rubber boots on and i think something about a cotter pin as well. any thing about that...
  15. LSOH bump steer/steering kit group buy, AGAIN!!!

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    hey geat, just curious how many people are in the 3rd group buy already... i know the price changes as more people are in it, but when is the cut off date for amount of people for the adjusted price. or what is the price as it is now... just curious and will eric do the split payment thing as...