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  • wmnixdorf ·
    Sorry was inactive also, had a kid and a back surgery. Kid first than surgery not at same time. I am doing a 3.4 swap and have everything kinda ready, was wonder what gaskets to order should they be for the 3.4 or the 2.8. i was looking and they give 2 different numbers so the kits are not the same.
    wmnixdorf ·
    Hey Jimmykicker, not sure if you are still active on here. but was wondering if you could answer a few 2.8 to 3.4 swap for me?
    Lawrence ·
    Hey man, I'm new here and having trouble doing anything on this site! Probably free members don't get many options?
    my92s15 ·
    Hey jimmy.

    I noticed you know a lot about the 3.4 swap. i have a few questions about this as i want to go this route.
    1) Did you use the camaro 3.4?
    2) Will my ecm work for the 3.4?
    3) i want to add boost at a later date, do you have any leads on this topic?

    Thanks in advance.
    chriscolehawk ·
    Hey there, I first saw your video on youtube with your 84 engine swap. I've read that the mechanical fuel pump will not work with the new 3.4l or am I reading wrong...I have an 85 with the 2.8 carb. I'm looking to do this same swap and stay with a carb.
    I'm in a hurry with this swap and need some help. You seem the be the guy with the answers..

    Thanks! Chris
    84s103.4 ·
    Hey man i like your posts about the 3.4! I was having some problems with mine and was wondering if you could answer some questions, my problem is when my truck heat soaks in the day time my fuel pump gets hot and drops psi, i have confirmed with a gauge after a regulator, that its dropping out, where do you have yours mounted, How much psi are you using, what part number pump? Hope to hear from you soon.
    Mad Max ·
    JK, you need the entire assembly. The 2x4 and 4x4 are different. The single caliper spindles are also different than the 2x caliper spindles. Pop the upper/lower BJs, pop the tie rod end and take the complete brake hose from the frame clip. IIRC, I had to use my orig. hoses, but take them anyway. They changed from year to year.The whole wad bolts right in like it grew there. It's slicker than poop. I also bought plated/drilled rotors and ceramic brakle pads (optional). The whole swap probably took 45 minutes on a lift with power tools. It took no time to pop them off at the JY. Make sure you take a BIG hammer (hand sledge) and a good pickle fork.
    Let me know how you make out.
    markaspden ·
    Hi bud nice truck i live in montgomery alabama, I was just given a 1984 s10 tahoe runs but choke light is on and runs rough thinking about a new carb you changed yours what did that cost. Once i get it running good i will change the wheels from 14 inch to 15 inch
    joed ·
    Hi JimmyK,

    So I'll order the full gasket set and head bolts (rockauto). I will also drain the oil and rad soon - thanks for the reminder/tip!

    When I can get to this job it's basically a tear down, starting with the carb, valve covers, intake mani. But in regard to the valves...does each rocker and valves/stem have to be pulled out as well? From what's being suggested it sounds like this is not necessary. but if so, what am I looking at there as far as problems?

    can I take the cap/wires off but leave the dist in? (already replaced valve cover and dist O-ring not long ago).

    I've already had the exhaust headers off to replace gaskets (exhaust leak repair) not long ago (about 4-6 months ago). Can I reuse these gaskets without issue?

    If i do see warpage (beyond salvage) or worse, cracked...what options/sites are out there for finding a salvaged/useable head?
    and you think I can return the unopened parts to rockauto? (I would think so).
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