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  1. A few Miscellaneous Jimmy questions...

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    These are the codes i am getting a fuel level sensor and a shift solenoid.
  2. A few Miscellaneous Jimmy questions...

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Thanks for your answers and your efforts oldeerslayer & frank bukowski
  3. A few Miscellaneous Jimmy questions...

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    I have had my 2000 GMC Jmmy for about eight months now, and these are some questions that i would appreciate some help with: 1) The front of the engine sounds sort of like a maraca, a rhythmic rattle ..I think its pulley bearing? 2) Is there/should there be a light for the transmission...
  4. Squirrelly 4Hi

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Probably hasnt had an alignment in quite awhile.. where do you recommend going for a good inexpensive alignment?
  5. Squirrelly 4Hi

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    How mismatched gives you that? They are all the same size but a couple have different tread patterns on them?
  6. Squirrelly 4Hi

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Is this question to complicated to get an answer for? I thought it was pretty basic, but not one reply? Did i ask this in a way that people don't understand my question?? I am not understanding this total lack of response to my question??
  7. Squirrelly 4Hi

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    My Jimmy feels reasonably stable in 2hi, but if i swtich over to 4Hi it gets all squirrelly and feels like it could scoot out in almost any direction..especially if now there is a light coating of snow or other slime on the road. I know i need to replace the ilder and pitman arms but what else...
  8. OBD2 Communication ?

    Electrical / Lighting
    I stopped at O'Reilly's and their OBD2 reader had no problem reading codes. What does DLC stand for, Data Link Cable?
  9. OBD2 Communication ?

    Electrical / Lighting
    I bought a cheap bluetooth OBD2 adapter to communicate with my phone on which i have Torque, but i am getting nothing.. Has anyone bought one of these adapters that successfully links your truck to your phone? I use this same adapter on my Envoy and it reliably gives me information and error...
  10. S10 to blazer conversion

    S10 / S15
    Yep i would think thats' one way to do it.
  11. 2000 S10 alternator problem or?

    Electrical / Lighting
    I am having the exact same problem - my volt meter drops to 10-12 under load. Besides the ground to the battery what other grounds are there on these trucks? If it needs an alternator, which one is recommended? Do Four Seasons last? The high output one from the full size trucks?
  12. Wrecked my truck!

    S10 / Sonoma
    If your local yards don't have the parts you need.. I would highly recommend going to car-part.com and getting them.. love that place.. you can search for any part you need for your truck and get a really good result list back of salvage yards that have those parts.. including by color or...
  13. S10 to blazer conversion

    S10 / S15
    I am a design engineer, and I would think probably the best way to do that would be take the box off the s10 and drop the complete back of the Blazer onto the frame. Keep the cab of the s10 and rear of the blazer separate.. sort of like a topper/camper on the back and cab up front.. and just...
  14. AC Pulley Noise? ?

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    OK so besides taking the belt off and spinning each one/pulley individually. What is the best way to tell which of those pulleys is making the noise? From what i can tell the squawk is coming from the AC compressor side of the engine..
  15. AC Pulley Noise? ?

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    My AC Pulley has started to make a pretty loud rthymic squeaking noise.. Does the pulley/bearings just need to be replaced? Or is there more involved in it? Looked at old threads .. Didn't really find just a specific thread on just the pulley making noise. I was going to attached an mp3 file...