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  • 91fastam ·
    hey man it appears that paypal sent my money back to you for some reason if you will send it back to my sons paypal account ,dont know whats going on . we left it in there because i was try in to find another posi unit.thanks ,jimmy
    91fastam ·
    great man to deal with. answered all my questions promptly and honestly.couldn't make the sale because of mechanical failure. he contacted me as soon as it happened, refunded my money same day,and phoned me to explain the problem.thanks again james,jimmy
    JDrummond Service Inc. ·
    Well adam, I have to be honest with you. This bump steer thing got way out of my realm of knowledge fast and I decided it was something I would come back to when the jimmy was fully bagged. If you haven't (although I'm sure you have) check out this thread


    The guys who posted on there are the knowledgeable ones, I'm just the geek with the question. If you notice, the conversation gets over my head around page one. lol

    Have you thought about making a spacer and using a heim joint with a longer shank? That could place your outer tie rod an inch higher in relation to the lca and make them parallel.
    Adam Spear (NR) ·
    hey man i saw you had posted something about working on correcting s10 bump steer.. ive been working on my own project.. so far ive got a custom rack that is only 15"'s wide so that my inner pivot point is the same as my lower control arms.. or atleast as close as i can get them.. problem is the rack is mounted higher than the lower control arm mounts so that my arc's arent parrallel with eachother.. really what needs to happen is the oint in which my tie rod end mounts to needs to be only about an inch higher.. im stuck and out of idea's.. really thinking about trying to have spindle custom made and im sure that wont be cheap.. any help would be greatly appreciated..by the way this truck is stock floored on 20's with a custom 2x3 frame and a 327 v8 lol
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