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  • n0sh0b0i ·
    Hey, I have been told that you have ordered sheetmetal parts from modshopinc... Is that true? If so, how did you like their product... I order a cali combo, tail light fillers and caddy tail lights from them and just received them today... LMK if you had any problems with their product... Thanks
    smacbay ·
    hey man do you have any pics of how you routed your steering to clear the headers, i am currently tryin to stuff a 454 in an s10 and hit a snag
    hi_im_sean ·
    here the album for it
    i got a long block off craigslist for $180, the rod knock motor is just sitting in the truck by its bell housing bolts ready to come out, everything has been removed. im close, just with the holidays and life... you know how it goes. my mom will be getting this, because her camry with 270k on it shit the bed a week after i got a rod knock. december was a crazy month.
    hi_im_sean ·
    lol, no. thats half the reason i bought the SS, so i can stop carpooling and get some time to work on it, and take my time. next week or 2 it should be done.
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