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  • jose987654321 ·
    Good Evening Sean,
    I was following your s-10, ls caliper, c5 rotor upgrade thread and I was wondering if you are sill making brackets for the conversion? Thanks in advance for the info.

    Jose Hernandez
    [email protected]
    50gmc5window ·
    Hey Sean, I am interested in the C5 brake swap parts your selling. I had a few things I'd like to ask you about. Please give me a shout when you get a chance, thanks! -Nick
    Call/text: 571-221-4386
    Speedysdad ·
    I am building a 54 Chev truck with an 89 S10 tahoe pickup chassis. I will pull a trailer with this truck. I want brakes that will help stop it. I will use a trailer with brakes. I want something that will fit in a 16 inch rim. I was assuming that a LS1 setup would work. I would like to buy as complete of a package as you sell for the setup I am looking for. I need drop spindles, hubs, rotor and caliper, and bracket. Tell me what you can sell me and what I need to finish the set up. Please, Jim
    hbgben ·
    Sean, I would like to purchase the machined hub and brackets for mounting LS front brakes. I've tried contacting you through your website but you may of not received that yet. I can be reached here on the forum or by email. Thanks, Ben
    sslow ·
    Hi Sean I would like to put ls1 abs compatible brakes on my 98 s10 can you put together a kit and let me know the price thanks
    Panek33 ·
    I understand I need some parts you make to throw C5 brakes onto my truck. Could you please text me so we can set something up? I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Amgerry07 ·

    Here is a link to what I'm doing. I'm looking to gent the middle of the road bolt on aftermarket upgrades. I'm not rich buy any means but I'm thinking around $1500.? Front and rear.
    Leafs and 3"blocks (if I go stock springs)
    Drop leafs if I go lowering leafs

    Front springs (that site mentions "moog")
    Poly bushings ALL around
    Spindles if I need them( trucks already lowered, just not sure how front is lowered. ( how could I tell? Spindles or springs)
    Control arms?
    Tall bj's

    I'm just looking you fellas cause you all seem very smart with this s-10 stuff.
    [email protected]
    BMRbrnSNRbrd ·
    Hey Sean, can you give me pointers on installing your brake adapters? Do I simply cut off the original stop on the cables and install the adapters? Do I leave the springs on?
    BMRbrnSNRbrd ·
    Someone told me you used to make ebrake cable adapters and I understand you don't any longer. Any idea where I can get something that will work?
    Rmvw01 ·
    I will definatly take your last set. No matter what i will need those. How much shipped to 26301 and also need your paypal info.
    Rmvw01 ·
    You still have any ebrake cable adapters. Im gonna need a set. Also when i was reading your thread, someone stated that i need adapters unless the truck is a 2.5 or 2.8 truck which would require me changing the whole rear end out. I wasn't sure why this would be. But if i don't do you sell the spacers also. Just so i can get everything i need at once.
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