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  • ccline746pk ·

    I saw your ad for the Hooker Headers and if you still have them I am very interested and have a few questions. First, how is the fitment of the drivers side, specifically the steering shaft? Does it go through the pipes or do the pipes hug the block enough that the shaft doesnt hit?

    Second, can you tell me what the Hooker part number is?

    And last, it looks like the passenger side has one pipe cut off, is that the way they are made? If you send the part number im sure it will be apparent when I Google it.

    Thanks, Chris P.S. I just signed up on the forum but it wouldnt allow me to post yet.
    rusty84084 ·
    Hi do you still have your syclone engine harness available?
    give me a call or txt if you still have it thanks
    Freddy 801.860.1861
    chubeyr ·
    Hi there,

    Was checking out your exhaust manifolds for sale. In the process of deciding on supercharger, front mount turbo charger or rear mount turbo, or a V8 swap. Will you ship to Canada?

    I will offer you $400 with me paying the shipping. If you dont want to accept my offer that is fine. Exhaust manifolds like this are hard to come by, and it sickens me that no one makes affordable headers for these vehicles. Your price for these rusted pieces would normally make me laugh, and did at first till I searched. Ive never paid more than $250 for new headers, rusted ones like this for $500? Not an insult towards you, its the market and I understand that.

    Again no hard feelings if you dont accept my offer. If you do I guess I am doing a front mount turbo. Still cant believe no manufacturer is making these parts. Thanks for your time.

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