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  1. Oil 1/2 Quart Over

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Just to update, brought the engine up to operating temperature at 50 mph and my gauge is reading 45 psi. It was 10-30 Mobil 1 but truck has 160 + thousand miles. I don't put 10,000 miles on this truck so ought to be good for the year.
  2. Oil 1/2 Quart Over

    262ci Forum (4.3)
    Changed the oil in my 2003 S10 crew cab today, with mobile one synthetic. The 4.3 oil cap. is 4.5 qts. and I was thinking the jug I had was 4 quarts, it was 5 qts putting it 1/2 qt over. Yes, every manual says don't over fill but I've read that on most engines you can go a quart over with no...
  3. Cam swap

    60v6 Forum (2.8/3.4)
    Typically a longer duration cam moves the power up on the rpm scale all else equal. The 2.8 doesn't have a lot of low end torque to begin with so if you want low end don't go wild with the cam. Either the camaro 3.4 cam or the 3.4 crate engine cam I listed would add some power but the crate cam...
  4. 3.4 swap opinions?

    60v6 Forum (2.8/3.4)
    I've got plenty of 3400 stuff, heads,intakes,etc. if anyone is interested.
  5. 2.8 TBI with 4.3 throttle body

    60v6 Forum (2.8/3.4)
    I remember when Holley offered a bigger tbi (4.3) but don't know what the injector size was. You could try the 4.3 tbi; with the smaller 2.8 injectors and see if it ran better. Changing to the 4.3 tbi on a 2.8 is a waste in my opinion without a cam upgrade and improved exhaust. The factory 3.4...
  6. Cam swap

    60v6 Forum (2.8/3.4)
    Camshaft # 12363220 Lift .426 int. .216 exh.
  7. Cam swap

    60v6 Forum (2.8/3.4)
    No, I swapped in the 3.4 that was offered by GM thru the Chevy dealers, it wasn't cheap but it was a new engine not a rebuilt and had a cam design for the S10. I still have the factory instruction sheet and parts list.
  8. Cam swap

    60v6 Forum (2.8/3.4)
    Other than the stock 2.8 there's only 2 oem cams I know of, the one that cam in the 3.4 93-95 Camaro / Firebird or the one that came in the factory S10 3.4 / 2.8 swap engine. The cam that came in the 3.4 swap engine was designed for the S10 and better low end.than the camaro firebird cam. Doubt...

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    So, with that code is it a pretty safe bet that its the abs module?
  10. ABS CODE

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I heard a noise that sounded like the brake pad warning tab rubbing. I removed one front wheel and caliper and checked rotor an pads, they were fine. I had to press in the caliper pistons to make installation easier. Now it feels like I have air in the system though I never opened any brake...
  11. Transmission Swap

    Transmission & Rearend
    I have an 83 2.8 four speed that had a cable activated clutch fork, can this be adapted to a 91 2.8 that has the hydraulic activated fork?
  12. TBSS intake with L33 injectors

    LSx Discussion
    No, bought an LS6 intake with fuel rails and injectors, the three bolt TB is the same, the injectors are a step up.
  13. Switching Manifolds

    LSx Discussion
    After posting I realized what you've all said, a little embarrassing but I'll get over it. I haven't given my engine much attention since bringing it home and putting it in the garage. Thanks for your quick replies.
  14. Switching Manifolds

    LSx Discussion
    I'm switching from a 2005 L33 truck manifold to an LS6 intake manifold on my 2005 L33 5.3. Will I need LS6 spark plug wires because of the difference in height or routing of wires. I want to stick with AC Delco wires if possible.
  15. S10 Repair PDF

    What is This?
    I lost my S10 repair manual pdf down load , 98-up or specifically 2003, anyone have a link or willing to email it to me? I got it off this forum but a search didn't turn up a link. Thanks!