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  • Torch51 ·
    Sorry it's taken so long to respond. After much head scratchin I've finally decided to pull the inner fenders & try to install a set of trailer fenders. Part of the problem is i'm not able to do the work myself like I used to so I'm paying my son in law. We don't have a wire welder or a plasma cutter but well figure out something. Two more question & we'll get started this weekend. I keep reading about having to tub the fire wall, hopefully I wont have too? I've been reading post on here for weeks & i haven't been able to find one that covers this modification especially with pictures. Is there any or do we just need to figure it out ourselves? One more I read that 9X32 fenders were the ones to buy. Thanks again for all your help. Dave W Torch51
    Torch51 ·
    I messed up. I bought a set of Halo 20X8.5 wheels with 245/40ZR20 & 285/35ZR20 tires. They have the right offset & only rubbed a little on the frame in the front. But then i bought a BellTek 4/5 lowering kit & the fit went out the window. The back fits fine after we cut off the bump stops. The front fender sits on the tire & inner fender when you turn. I would really like to make this work if possible rather than losing my ass trying to sell em with only a couple hundred miles on them. I imagine taking out or modifying the inner fender is my only option? There is all kinds of stuff attached to them & looks like a big deal to relocate. I bought an eBay fender roller but it's going to take more than that. Any ideas Thanks Torch51
    2000; S10; 2.2; RWD; Single Cab; Short Bed; 2" JTR Solid Blocks & 3/4' Trans Spacer
    Steve-Z ·
    The Admin told me I could post, but when I go into the "LSX Discussion" and attempt to start a new Thread, the system says I do not have permission to start a new thread. What do I need to do to be able to start a new thread? I want to ask the forum members questions about my plan for putting and LS engine in my 2003 S-10 truck. Thanks
    Dirt Nasty ·

    no worries. I have no idea how this ended up in the messages and not a PM. guess I'm a noob. haha
    Dirt Nasty ·
    hey man.
    Im a distributor for a line of car care products. Any way I can get some permission to start up a thread for getting bulk orders going for people to make a purchase at a discounted rate, kinda like a group buy..
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