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  • Collingwood850 ·
    Hey just a quick question didnt know if you could help i have 84 s10 2.8 4x4 and i belive its called the free wheel actuator sensor switch but its on the front axel right near where the actuator is. Anyways its plugged in on the axel but the wiring is there all wrapped around the axel and zip tied to it. Where does this wiring run to and hook up? Ive looked around underneath the truck and the engine bay and couldnt figure it out please help
    08zx10r ·
    Donahue, I was reading your post on the vacuum switch, transfer case. One post mentioned his ZR2 in 2HI was making a noise non-metallic, then went away immediately after switching to 4HI which is what mine is doing. No one answered that post. I was going to change Vacuum Switch and Encoder Motor. Any thoughts one the noise? I was only thinking that 4Hi was partially engaging, then 4HI engages, no more noise. Thanks, Troy <1998 ZR2 Blazer>
    timothyraymond75 ·
    hey donahue, just had a couple quick questions regarding a thread you were quite knowledgable in, i believe it was quite a ways back, but i have a 98 isuzu hombre 4x4, same as and s10 as u know. my dogs got under it and ripped out the 3 vac lines to the transfer case. i read most of the thread on the subject, and it said that 1 was a vent line, another went to vacuum source, and the 3rd went to vac storage canster. my first question is where exactly is the vac source? and second quest is that i dont have an orb, so where would the vac canaster be, ive had the entire motor out before and do not recall seing even an evap canaster in the engine bay??? also it has the 4.3 vortec in it. any info would be great, thank you for your time.
    Danieldjm ·
    hello i am new to the forum world but i google'd up my problem with my truck and it seems you have the answer.. jajajja i just bought the 2002 gmc sonoma zr2 v6 4x4 .. it leaks transmission fluid .. it coming from the transfercase vacum line goin to the top by the firewall its like a breather and transmission fluid is coming out from there .. please help i dont know if i should replace the breather or the switch ontop of the transfercase ? or maybe its something more simple .. id really apreaciate it if you can help me out with this dilema ... ill find a way to pay you back somehow jajajjaja thank you ..
    propianoplayer ·
    I have a 2004 S10. My problem is that I am not getting vacuum to my actuator. Below is a list of things I have replaced and tried. I ran a line from the engine compartment vacuum source to the transfer case switch, a line from the transfer case switch to the actuator and a vent line. all on a brand new switch. Still no vacuum. I checked the vacuum lines and they are all hooked up and I am getting vacuum to the transfer case switch... Can you please help me?

    * Changed the actuator, under the batery tray.
    * I changed the actuator cable
    * I tested the transfer case motor. First in 2HI, I could spin the shaft then when I put it in 4HI i could not spin the shaft.
    * I then thought that maybe it was the Transfer case Control module. So I bought 2 and tried them out. They did the same thing that the first one did
    * I put it up on a lift with all 4 wheels off the ground, pulled in on the actuator and all 4 wheels turned.
    Summer Sucks ·
    Hey I think I bought your blazer. 89 s10 cut top. Green fenders white and tan door. Hp 44 locked. 14 bolt welded. Twins. 3.4 5 speed 4 link f150 springs up front xj coils in the rear. 32 bolt crome naked lady bead locks. 38.5 16 15 tsl's. I would like some info. Thanks
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