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  1. New Thread.

    I call shenanigans.
  2. Any Casino Goers?

    I get those all the time. I've only gotten more than the minimum one time.
  3. tranny how many courts does it hold?

    Transmission & Rearend
    Wait, you're working on a GTO Judge, now???
  4. AWD Conversion

    Performance Suspension
    A little clarification needed. Once I swap to an older Bravada non-electronic transfer case, I can just use a Bravada axle tube for the passenger side front axle, and use my existing CV shafts?
  5. What branch did you serve in?

    Military Chat
    Fck a MRB..... Bitches....
  6. Annoying neighbor...

    Shoot first, ask NO questions later. When questions do get asked, you know nothing, you heard nothing, you saw nothing. Pay no attention to the dirty shovel in your garage, or the wife's "new flower bed", and how well it seems to be growing... Almost as if it had natural fertilizer deep...
  7. ZombieR2 needs to pick your brains

    4wd SFA
    Subscribed for tha info....
  8. What branch did you serve in?

    Military Chat
    HAH! Shows what they think of you.... :p
  9. Any Casino Goers?

    There's another self-serve beverage station over by the cashiers, I thought....? And Turtle Creek isn't doing the $500 because they care, they're doing it because it'll bring in a lot of people willing to part with their money.... lol I never consider a casino a place where I can "make money"...
  10. 95 Sonoma and air ride parts!

    For Sale
    Is it a TBI engine? If so, how much for the throttle body, shipped to 49646?
  11. New SAS Kits

    4wd SFA
    Subscribed so I can find this later..... Debating...
  12. 95 Sonoma and air ride parts!

    For Sale
    How much for throttle body, shipped to 49646?
  13. '96 2.2 NV1500 2 door Blazer

    Member Projects
    And I thought there was a typo in the title.... Very interesting build, watching.
  14. A picture of my F word

    So the other day, I ate a cookie. It was yummy. The end.
  15. WTF-Specific 94 GMC Sonoma

    Weird, my truck is missing those. Mine must be super-duper special!