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  • Logikal42 ·
    hey bro can you Delete the thread '2003 s10 rebuild questions, 4th pstn rings FRIED' in the 2nd gen 2.2l banging, in engine and drivetrain tech its near the top... I accidently made 2 of them... thanks man, peter
    rhmdragger ·
    hey man... it appears to me after reading the york threads that you are the guy to talk to about engine drivens. i bought the airlift kit back before SD was selling it. my truck has been down for a while and the SC 209 has seized up. i got a 210 as a replacement since the cheapest SC209 i could find was 400 bucks. I need the fittings and some help understanding the vent and oil mod. do you sell the accessories or do you just have a good list similar to the one in the forums? what are your ideas on the mods and the case vent, as I never did either on the 209.

    thanks in advance for any help... and sorry if im kind of wordy!

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