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  • cjb108 ·
    I saw your reply to Re: P0442 Evap Leak 2003 GMC Sonoma, in which you attached 2 pics of your homemade leak detector. You also mentioned how you made one out of a smoke bomb in a tin can inside a small shop vac, with the hose reversed and reduced to fit the vacuum line. Both of these ideas are ingenious as hell and I'm hoping that you can give me any more info on how to make them. Like where you can buy or how to make a smoke bomb? I haven't even seen a smoke bomb since I was a teenager(a LONG time ago!). I'm getting P1441(EVAP System Flow during Non-Purge) on my 96 S10 2.2L and a leak tester would help a lot. I've got the small shop-vac so the smoke bomb-in-shopvac idea seems best for me. Can you tell me if there is a special way to set it up and operate it?
    Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
    Yowakawaka ·
    Hi. I saw in a forum you swapped a 2.8 to a 3.4 in your 83 s10 blazer. I have a 83 s10 2.8 v6 2wd and the engine is knocking. I was told a rebuild wasn't worth it so Im going to swap it ether with the same engine or a 3.4.

    I found the same engine with 56k miles for $375 (plus $ for tuneup - cap, rotor, plugs, wires, ect) out of a 84 so that is a possible route. However, I hear these engines a crap so I'd like to move away form them all together.

    On to the 3.4. New is not an option due to budget. But, I can get a 3.4 out of a 93 or 94 Camaro and it will be a direct fit for my year right? Is this true? Where did you pull your engine from?

    Also, I hear the transmission will be a direct bolt on but will it hold up to the power of the 3.4?

    Any other advice would be nice.

    If the information I'm providing is wrong, please let me know! Nobody can learn with someone blowing smoke up their butt.

    Thanks for the help! It is appreciated!!!
    Mikey G ·
    I tried to respond to your last PM
    Hit send and nothing happens
    My diff is slightly rusty but not flaky
    Other than the back plates and caliper supports, I will be needing the brakes for my ZR2 diff
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