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  • Carolina Man ·
    There is a small town not to far from North MB area called Loris,SC it's right on the NC/SC border on the coast side. On the NC side there is Tabor City,NC both very small towns. I have family that I lost touch with around Whiteville NC which is a hour or so from Wilmington,NC. Maybe that will help give a few options. BTW if you have investments and transfer the assets you might want to check NC Laws I knew several business owners that moved to NC and was taxed heavily.
    Carolina Man ·
    Thanks, You will love NC and should not have a problem on Inspections. SC has no inspections at all. There is so much to do in NC/SC it's unreal. From the mountains to beaches. I'm trying to get back there myself. Raleigh is the center in NC not too far away from VA,SC, Coast or where you want to go.
    89LS10 ·
    Just an update on gas mileage...we just came back from the Route 66 Fun Run, 2607 miles and the average was 23.25 MPG. not bad for 75MPH, mountains, A/c, etc.
    TokoDragon ·
    That is not weird at all, it was a good year haha.

    But your paint scheme is similar to what I've been envisioning for my truck.
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