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  • DTurrabi42 ·
    Hey there, I have been recommended by one of the members on here for me to contact you for some help. I own a 1994 S10 with the 2.2 5 speed and I'm currently trying to restore it. The engine has been completely overhauled but I need to get a new engine harness for it since it is absolutely trashed. I been looking around for an NOS harness specifically and I acquired a part number for it (12149615) I contacted multiple GM dealers and multiple companies with no luck. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? I know that this is a wild chase but I have to try. Your reply is appreciated.
    waybad ·
    Hello,, I have been directed to you for this question,,
    I'm wanting to put power door options(pw,pl,pm) in my 2003 s10 2.2 motor that have none,
    I have a 99 with those options but it has a 4.3.. can the dash harness be changed out form the 99 to the 03 and still operate everything correctly ,, thanks for your time..
    desertpatriot ·
    hello bravadax!
    it's been awhile so I thought i'd drop in to say hello.
    i'm about to purchase a 2000 bravada fully loaded and expect to transfer all the goodies over to my 2000 s10 extended cab auto 2wd. goodies include...
    -instrument cluster
    -engine wire harness
    -dash wiring harness
    -ecm, bcm
    -abs brake system
    -power seats, power windows

    is there anything i should be made aware of?
    JimKing366 ·
    Hello Bravada,

    I was driving home today and blew out my front end right side brake line. The steel rusted through. Thanks NY for the salt. Anyhow, I am having trouble determining the size of tubing I need to replace the part. Reading your posts, it seems you have an idea what size. I am thinking the tubing is 3/16" from the distribution block. I think I might need to replace the hose as well, depending on how far gone the threads are going into the hose portion. You wouldn't happen to know the length and diameter of that tube would you?

    Elme ·
    Hello, regarding ur old write up about "there something you should know about your 1995-1997
    S10 AC" how can I get the pictures to appear on the thread? Can you send the to me?
    desertpatriot ·
    in regards to our conversation about converting my `00 S10 2.2L auto to power windows/locks/mirrors/fog lamps...

    "It's cheaper&easier to use the BCM from the truck you got the harness from...a '00 doesn't need to be VIN matched..."

    is it possible/has anyone tried to use an under dash wire harness from a 2dr 2wd`98-`04 blazer/jimmy in a S10? would it plug into the existing dash and would everything work? could I use the bcm that comes with the harness?
    there r more electrical bells and whistles on this bravada than i am use to.. however i would love for them to all work as if it come from the factory with a v8 and a turbo
    hey,, thanks... i am wanting to build a 2nd gen v8 typhoon ,, turbo and all... but i have to get all the bugs worked out on the 4.3 first..
    i have a 1999 bravada and the drivers side tail lights and brake lights are not working.. its not the bulbs because i unplugged the whole harness and plugged it into the passenger side and everything works.. any help would be greatly appreciated.... also the front tires are not rotating when i accelerate even in grass.. again any help will be appreciated
    95blueblazer ·
    was told u might be able to help me with a issue in having... Trying to get a whole engine wire Barnes and trans harness to my 95 blazer and I'm haven't been able to fine one.. My comp has 3 plugs and I have push button 4wd and I'm auto. So could u plz tell me what vehicle will have my harness I need.. Last blazer I pulled had a two plugs for comp.. Any help would be nice and thanks.
    desertpatriot ·
    Hi BravadaX! thanx for the advice

    -does replacement under dash wire harness (for power options) connecting doors to bcm have to be year specific? iow could a power wire harness from `98-`03 S10 work?
    -does engine wire harness need upgrading as well?
    -does 4 or 6 cylinder, manual or automatic make a difference?
    if I find a wire harness first then I could buy a year specific ecm/bcm on eBay to match my car

    -other than S10 warehouse could you recommend a source where I could purchase a complete factory changeover kit?

    on a side note...i wish we had the assortment of S10s at the local auto wreckers like 'you-all' have back east. unfortunately california wreckers carry mostly foreign cars. on a rare occasion you'll run across a `98-`03 S10/Sonoma
    desertpatriot ·
    i noticed the factory power everything changeover on your S10 and was hoping you could offer a few pointers. I want to do the same on my 2000 S10 and have some questions to ask i.e. do I need a new matching ecm-bcm from same year or can I flash my existing ecm? over to you
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