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  • 1fastBU ·

    Hoping this reaches you soon, it shows your online. Anyway ive been searching the internet like crazy to find someone to narrow a rearend for me, specifically a 8.8 for an s10. Looking to run two short side axles. I ran across a post that you do them and are located in central kentucky. Im actually located in Richmond and would really like to know if you still offer this service. If so please reply or email may be best [email protected]

    And yes I created this account just to send you a message but will be active on this forum as I am in the process of building a s10 v8 swap. Thanks
    parttimewrench ·

    Hello how are you? I have a 92 s10 blazer 4x4 tahoe package, the drivers side output shaft (the short one) flange moves significantly up and down, replaced the cv shaft 3 years ago and its falied already cause of it. Seals leaking too. Can I just pull out the output shaft from the diff case because its held in with a snap ring? would like to avoid dropping the diff. Thinking once I have that out use a finger slide hammer to get the bearing out, and/or take the cover off that side. Very helpful posts you have there I figure youre talking from experience there lol. I use this truck for my work have fixed almost everything else on it myself. im an electrician but have rebuilt everything but transmissions and tcases. willing to give this a shot if I can find out how to get that shaft out without dropping the whole diff.
    Many thanks
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