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  • fuducker81 ·
    Hey man, I just wanna say how much of an influence you have been on me, having started on these the same way you had and at around the same age. I appreciate all of your guides and wish the best for you. Thank you
    bluesmoke99 ·
    Hey I was viewing your sticky about upgrading the headlight wiring and it seems I can't view the pics and was curious if you still had them and if you could send them to me and if it would be possible to do the high beam harness the same way
    jdomke1 ·
    In your article S-Series Service Manual | ELECTRICAL EDITION | WIRING DIAGRAMS AND MORE!, the link for the complete service manual isn't any good... It worked the other day I thought but now it just gives a message its a missing file or bad link. Can you help get it working?
    Sinonymous ·
    Hi beandip, I was hoping to get a copy of the Factory Service manual you had posted for the 2nd gens. The link is broken. I can give you my email address if you can PM me. Thanks!
    beandip ·
    I believe you have to have a certain amount of posts to post in that section when new. if anything i would make a thread in the new members section, and you can also post your question as well. btw what is it? i may be able to help ya.
    aatdalton ·
    Hello, I'm trying to post a question in the 4.3 forum and I'm getting a message that I don't have permission to do that. What do I need to do to get there? I've confirmed my email as far as I know.
    knoyd22 ·
    Hello, i have my build thread currently in the 4wd IFS section, i have just started a solid axle swap project and was wondering fi you could move that thread into the 4wd SFA section. Thanks in advance
    2014_TYREE ·
    hey man just about to buy a 97 s10 ls from a family member and looking to do some cool stuff to it. came across your threads but non of them have pictures available any more? do you have an updated thread
    Blaz90 ·
    Can you fix my issue with not being able to post please?
    NM, looks like I just can't post under the How-to, I'll find another place to put my question.
    Thanks anyway.
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