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  • KLGRIFF827 ·
    I've recently purchased a BW4472 Transfer case from a Bravada. I'm curious how detrimental it would be to put a T5 Manual in front of it. There must be a reason why all the TySy and Bravadas were automatic. I plan to put a goofy build in the 24 hours of Lemons next year, 2000VW TDI, BG T5, BW4472 into a 1st Gen 4WD S-10. Any wisdom would be appreciated.

    C1985 ·
    Totally understandable I don't blame ya I'm not sure much more could be said about it anyway it's all good info appreciate you taking the time to do it the first time lame that Photobucket did that but oh well thanks.
    C1985 ·
    hey AWD V8 seeing if your still on here your posts on AWD conversions is great tons of info but with the photobucket not allowing 3rd party hosting now unless you pay is there any other way to view the pics you posted in that thread? would be much help you explain things in great detail but pictures always help thank
    AWD V8 ·
    I don't believe that a 4-link is necessary on an AWD truck. A 4-link is mainly used to set the suspension so that you can get the rear tires to hook on launch. With AWD you have more traction up front that gives you traction to launch quick. A stock leaf spring suspension with just good shocks will work great. A 4-link is a lot of custom work, not for non-fabricator. Use the time and money you save on other stuff.

    "IF" you experiance traction lose at launch install some Caltracs. Caltracs are all a sub-10 second truck needs for 2wd. They will be way more than you will need traction wise with AWD.

    You don't need air bags. They are mostly used by the "slammed" crowd, more for show than go.

    Running a 4-link "soft" isn't really what I was talking about. The geometry of the 4-link causes a restriction of movement regarding twist, as in cornering. A 4-link is better suited for straight line.
    Ghstndajimmy2.0 ·
    So staying only on a 4x4 as this is going to be what is used for the AWD, what are air bags and do they fit on a 4x4/AWD I see it is only used on rwd only?
    Ghstndajimmy2.0 ·
    Going back and reading the 4 link statements you made left me confused and that is by my own hand it seems. Is 4 link and coilovers different?
    Ghstndajimmy2.0 ·
    4) I am kinda trying to get back to my project build. To your question I am a few years off from getting this build ready. I am kinda picking your brain for as much information as I can get so I can reference as much information for layer and if I am lucky, now.

    Engine wise I was looking at SME LS3 but I was recently told that if I got an engine with VVT (LY6) that if builder knows that system they can help you get better response out of the lower rpms.

    Any thoughts?
    Ghstndajimmy2.0 ·
    Depends which builder I go through. To be honest though this build is an headache. So there isn't any confusion let me clear this up

    1) My first Jimny I spoke on is my project build. It is still in the works but I need to convert it to AWD, solid suspension, great braking, solid tranny(4l80e or Powerglide), etc, etc.

    2) My current Jimmy (the one I asked about doing the swap, rear end, and frame) is still functioning and I am still concerned about my engine as I am upgrading the old parts here and there the engine sputters around 2000 rpm until I floor it so I am thinking it might be best if I upgrade.

    3) The last few post are me tossing around ideas in case I might need to swap out my current jimmy motor. I have to weight the the price for it all.
    Ghstndajimmy2.0 ·
    Ok let's look at something simple for a moment. My current 4x4 Jimmy 98 has a skimp frame (juneau life) from what my Mechanics tell me. So my engine is older and instead of rebuilding it I wonder what be best motor for a swap that would be easy on it...I think
    Ghstndajimmy2.0 ·
    Why would it degrade the ride? Lol sorry I am learning more from this than I did in my research. Also doing the v8 swap would you really need to upgrade the rear end?
    Ghstndajimmy2.0 ·
    The tranny I am getting is worth 5k so it better be built to handle that abuse. Now because it I am using a different t-case than what you used is their a different method I have to use to do my conversion that you would think of?
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