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  • twiztid_lowrider ·
    the more i think about it i think they are just being lazy. sucks to because i bought a "lifetime" alignment and thought i wouldnt have to pay more. i may call another store and bitch. When i say close to pittsburgh i mean like 30 minutes from the city. I called Total image and they take all the trucks they do to pep boys. i was sureprised by that. thanks for responding.
    twiztid_lowrider ·
    i see that you are from Pittsburgh. im close to there. I was wondering if you knew of a good place for a front end alignment for my truck. I put 20s on it and was told by firestone that I needed the alignment specs from the wheel manufacturer to do it correctly? any thoughts. thanks.
    s10slave ·
    hey i see your pretty good with fitment im sorry to bother you but i cant wrap my head around it... im looking for offsets and what not for 20's on a 96 dime step side bagged not bodied 5spd 4.3 If you can help I would appreciate it so much!
    toolman62 ·
    I'm new to this site and tried start a new post. I think it went in Baggin It and it needs to be in members projects. Any way this could be moved to the correct location and let me know where it may be? I can't find it.
    zuwarumen ·
    hey men why my pics dosnt show in m thread? i been uploading pics in my lbum here and posting the url as it says...i can see them for a while but then in the next morning der gonne
    ///also can u delete my thread?,,names doin it all agen
    thank you
    dkn1997 ·
    Hello: I was looking through some old threads on wheel size and I saw a post of yours in which you said you ran 15x10 wheels with 265/60/15 on all 4 corners. I have a '99 LS 2wd, short bed reg cab truck and recently came into a set of [4] 15x10 wheels DIRT cheap. They have 4" backspace. thoughts? They are black cragar soft 8's in really good shape and I paid 100 bucks for all 4 so I can get my money out of them if need be. wondering if you thought it would be possible to run them on the front. back is looking sketchy..stick out a bit bu won't interfere with fender and I could get flares and it would look ok
    Blinky ·
    I have a quick question. I have the opportunity to buy a set of 22" lexanis off of a 11 camaro that has 8.5 fronts with +35 offset and rears that are 10" with +45 offset. My plans are to slam my 01 2wd blazer 2dr with a 5/6 drop. What size spacers will i need? Thank you for your help
    Slammed03XBlaze ·
    i was wondering if you could tell me how i could get my name changed on here? My s/n is pretty childish and i just wanted to know if there was any way to change it.
    louie88 ·
    Hi, I just became a new member and honestly don't really know how to start a post on here... could you please help me
    dizzy ninja ·
    im new to this but i have a 87 s15 4x4 im trying to get wheels for and i was reading your wheel backspacing guid and im still a little clueless to this. im looking at some wheels at dicounttire.com one is 15x8 -12b with bolt pattern of 4.75 the other is 15x7 6b 4.75 and the last is 15x7 0b 4.75 will either one of these fit my truck without any problems. im getting a 3in body life or a 2.5in sus lift for it aswell and what size tires would work with it to. if you can help i really appreciate it
    jered ·
    I can not find where it tells me how to post pics.I'm trying to post pic from a Andriod phone,could you tell me where to find he info?Thanks
    lilrednoma245 ·
    hey saw on your signiture that your looking for a 4.3L harness. check out EBAY a store called S10warehouse they got everything i bought the whole body control harness for a 2003 with BCM for 99.95 shipped
    Packers ·
    hey there i might need help with the rims. If u dont mind? I drives s10 xtreme with stock not dropped yet. I bought 20 inches rims front r 20.85 and rear 20.10 the wheel bolt pattern is 5x4.50 what kind of backspacing or offset ill need? Sorry i did clicked email but didnt noticed i posted it on visitor messages sorry man..
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