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  1. What Manual Transmission do you Recommend

    Transmission & Rearend
    I am looking for either a 5 or 6 speed manual transmission which could hold up to 425 hp and similar torque, is there any transmission that are easily available and can be built to handle the torque thanks
  2. Ford 8.8 Shortening

    Transmission & Rearend
    Ok and what power level can a stock 8.8 handle with the tubes welded so they won’t spin an axle, also what manual transmission do you guys recommend that will handle around 420 horse power thanks -Dalton
  3. Ford 8.8 Shortening

    Transmission & Rearend
    I want a ford 8.8 for my first gen s10 and was wondering if I got two explorer rear ends, could I have a guy take one of the short axle tubes and weld it where the longer tube was at and then have two short axles stock axles and how much power can 8.8’s handle
  4. Iron Duke Kinda Performance

    2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    I have an E code Block and also I have an A Code head, will they work together and if so what all can be done to the head to make it better, porting machining the head down for more compression? Or bigger valves?, also what pistons will work, like if I got a 350 piston that is .30 over could...
  5. Running Problems

    2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    I’m putting an 89 motor into a 92 truck
  6. Running Problems

    2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    I have a 1989 iron duke and I had it running alright on an 92 ecm and I swapped back in the computer that came with the motor but it would start and not run for more than a second or so, I do not have a cat on and was wondering if you had any ideas on it, if it was timing or just needing a cat...
  7. 700r4 Identification

    Transmission & Rearend
    So I bought a 700r4 that was supposedly attached to a 4.3 and it has a k on the case, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify it since there’s not much online the code from the side is 9THM313H I was wondering if it would say the year and what motor it was originally hooked up to and if...
  8. Brake Shoes Sizes

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I bought some brake shoes for a 2wd s10 first gen s10 and was wondering if they would work with the drums on a 4wd first gen rear end, or if the drums from the 2wd would work on the 4wd backing plate, thanks
  9. Piston Help

    V8 Discussion
    I have a 92 gmc Sonoma with a short box and I am starting to build a 355 for it and cause it was cheap I got Sealed power Hypereutectic pistons, how durable are they? I’m only going to run Them naturally aspirated and I have sportsman 2 heads with a performer rpm cam
  10. Starting Problems

    2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    I have an 89 iron duke with a five speed, and it doesn’t crank, I replaced the battery cables and the battery but still no starting, sometimes it has power to the headlights and sometimes it doesn’t, I think I narrowed it down to neutral safety switch, starter or bad wiring, can anyone help me
  11. Engine Timing Problem

    2.5L - 1st gen 4-banging
    I have done what it says by jumping the two ports with a wire and setting the timing to 8 degrees, but when I take out the wire and test drive the truck around it runs bad and it does have new plugs, please help
  12. What Gear Ratio Do I Have?

    Transmission & Rearend
    Also what should I look for damage wise when I take off the cover?, since it was powered by a v8 for a while
  13. What Gear Ratio Do I Have?

    Transmission & Rearend
    Ok thank you
  14. What Gear Ratio Do I Have?

    Transmission & Rearend
    Rotated the wheel and the other wheel turned the opposite way, then I turned the driveshaft and both spun forward, but then only one wheel spun forward and backwards, is this typical of a locker for it to disconnect and act like an open?
  15. What Gear Ratio Do I Have?

    Transmission & Rearend
    So I purchased it and it had a low power 350 and turbo 350 connected to the rear end, so I don’t know when it was changed last but I will change the fluid