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  • bytorrrr ·
    ok so I know you have restored/or are still restoring your truck. I am putting a rust free box on and found the frame rusty. I have wire wheeled all rust off and was gonna put some asphalt undercoating on the bare metal. a buddy said wasn't a good idea, that I should prime and paint before undercoat. what do you think handyman?
    57 Handyman ·
    The canister is vac reservoir and only sucks fuel when another connection is clogged. Did truck run after fuel pump was replaced and carb rebuilt. Who replaced fuel pump? There is a post in here that identifies a near identical problem related to fuel in canister. Go check it out.
    85Durango ·
    Fuel pump was replaced about a year ago. Carb was rebuilt by a pro shop recently and has been driven since. Went to start Friday, started but stared to chug and shut off. would not start afterward. Tried several times to start, no luck. That's when I noticed fuel coming out of canister. I drained canister and tried again, wouldn't start. Thats when I removed gas cap and tried again. No luck starting, but found canister overflowing again. Any sugestions?
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