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Announcements in Forum : S10Forum Flea Market
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Flea Market Rules

Classified Rules, READ BEFORE POSTING.
1.In order to post in the classifieds, you must have been a member for more than 7 days and have more than 10 posts. If you do not meet this requirement, or if you post any items for sale outside of the classifieds, your post will be removed and you may be banned for circumventing the classified rules. No items are to be posted for sale outside of the classified forum.

2. The classified forum is for selling NON-commercial personal Truck related merchandise. Services of any kind are considered commercial and are not allowed. Selling homemade products is not allowed, for example, Ipod holders or cup holders as this would be considered a business and therefore commercial products. Sponsors and vendors are not allowed to advertise their products or services in the classifieds. Sponsors and vendors may, however, list personal items like any other member. Do not abuse this. Think of it as a virtual garage sale.

3. EBay links are not allowed in the main classifieds. There is an eBay sub forum. Items posted in the eBay sub forum must meet the classified rules. No commercial eBay links are allowed. The eBay sub forum is for advertising your personal truck/car related items that you may have listed on eBay and not for advertising any eBay businesses of any kind.

4. You may post eBay links (in the eBay sub forum) to truck/car related items you think would be of interest to forum members. This does not include posting links to businesses that sell on eBay. Example: links to auctions for rims, exhausts, lights or any run-of-the mill items you would find anywhere for the sole purpose of advertising those items here.

5. The classified forum is for PARTICIPATING members of S-10forum.com community. If you are here only for the classified forum, you are not welcome. In order to be considered a participating member, your posts in this forum must not comprise more than 50 percent of your overall post count. Posts of a frivolous nature just to meet the requirements of this rule will be grounds for banishment from the site.

6. DO NOT POST NEGATIVITY IN SOMEONE'S AD. Do not criticize someone's item or asking price. If you are not a serious buyer, move on. If you wish to make a serious offer, do it in a PM. If you honestly feel a price or item is in question, send a polite PM to the seller in an effort to help them; do not chastise them.

7. Constant "bumping" of your item to keep it at the top will get your item removed. You may "bump" your item once per week. Deleting an item and reposting it to keep it at the top is not allowed. Items listed for longer than a month will be deleted.

8. If you have several items to list, please post them all in one thread. This allows others to keep their item on the first page or two of the classifieds. It is inconsiderate to post multiple items in multiple threads, thus taking up many of the first-page titles. The moderators will combine all such threads into one thread, and the title may then not accurately reflect the items you have for sale, thus reducing your ad's exposure for these items.

9. Threads will be deleted after one month time. Any post older than a month will not show up on the forum page. Please ask to have your posts removed if items have been sold. The easiest way to do this is to contact a site moderator or use the report post and in the message say item sold.

Common Sense

It is highly recommended that all buyers and sellers use PAYPAL to conduct payment transactions. Everyone these days has either a checking account or a credit card. PAYPAL verifies your identity and secures all of your transactions with either of these methods. Avoid any type of money grams or unsecured transactions like cash and money orders. PAYPAL gives you an avenue for recourse if needed.

The majority of the S10 members are honest, hard working people. Because of that, fraudsters may look for an opportunity to cheat you out of your money. Fraud is rampant on the Internet and no place is immune to it, including the classifieds here. The classifieds are used at YOUR OWN RISK so please be careful and protect yourself as much as possible.


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