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2006 Silverado Help Please

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Old 02-26-2009, 02:22 AM   #1
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2006 Silverado Help Please

Long time member here, dont post much always read. Traded in my s10 for a silverado due to 4x4 needs. After I bought the silverado i dropped in my 2 12" subs with my amp, wired up my song cdx-gt520 and worked like a charm with the wally world chime adaper wire harness thing. After about 2 months, door speakers quit working, pulled it out, rewired it all to what i though was perfect with clamps and tape. and only the left door speaker worked but both piller speakers worked the whole time and was to lazy to pull it back out figureing it was a bad speaker. but in a few days i started the truck and bam all 4 speakers worked. turned it off to go into the store came out and only the 2 piller speakers work now. Im thinking they both work just something wrong with the harness, what do you think? sould i buy another harness from walmart and try that? re wire again? if possible could someone tell me wire colors? i looked online and couldnt find anything. or should i buy new speakers and install? what size will fit?

Thnks for the help
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Old 02-26-2009, 02:51 AM   #2
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Re: 2006 Silverado Help Please

Radio 12V - Orange (+) - radio harness
Radio Ground - Black/white (-) radio harness
Radio Ignition - class 2 serial data
Factory Amp turn-on - pink(+) - radio harness
Left Front Speaker- tan (+) / grey (-)
Left right speaker- Lt. Green (+) / Drk. Green (-)
Left rear speaker - brown (+) / yellow (-)
right rear speaker - drk. blue (+) / Lt. Blue (-)

is your truck equipped with the factory amplifier / if so, this could very well be the issue,. if this is the case consider bypassing the amplifer .

pull the radio out and using a test speaker connect it directly to the speaker outputs off the radio ,see if the issue occurs, if so , your radios outputs are giving out

if not make sure your factory amplification system is bypassed/ if you dont have factory amplifier check connections etc.

*if equipped with factory amplifier the amp should be under the center console in that vehicle*

let me know what you figure out.
Old 02-26-2009, 01:42 PM   #3
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Re: 2006 Silverado Help Please

I kinda had the same problem. Friend has a 06 as well. 2 12's and stock mids and highs. Put in the door chime thing....everything worked perfect....for about 5 months. Everything quit working....the head unit would come on with the truck off....but as soon as you started the truck....the head unit would shut off. I spent days trying to tracking down the problem....NOTHING!! So i bought another door chime thing......same thing...nothing. So what i ended up doing was putting the stock head unit in and running a line out to hook up the amp. works just fine. So i can almost garrentee it's your door chime box.
Old 02-26-2009, 06:01 PM   #4
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Re: 2006 Silverado Help Please

the 03-06 trucks and SUVs, heres where it gets a tad tricky

same 6 3/4s in the doors with tweeters, 4x6s in the rear of the trucks

no links on the Metra site for kits, but the part numbers are K-420 for the radio (Scosche)
antenna adaptor: http://www.metraonline.com/product.aspx?sku=40-GM12
theres a few harnesses you can use, some let you keep the factory radio in it and use a small speaker for door chime, some eliminate it all, and yet another is an electrical part that "keeps everything happy" and lets you add a door chime later if you choose

Radio 12v orange + radio harness
Radio Ground black/white - radio harness
Radio Ignition (Class 2 Serial Data) you can run an aftermarkets wire to the 25 amp windsheild washer fuse in the drivers side fuse box, it works the same ,except the RAP feature
Radio Illumination N/A
Factory Amp Turn-on pink + radio harness
Power Antenna N/A
LF Speaker +/- tan - gray +,- radio harness
Notes: If equipped, the amplifier is under the center console.
RF Speaker +/- lt. green - dk. green +,- radio harness
LR Speaker +/- brown - yellow +,- radio harness
RR Speaker +/- dk. blue - lt. blue +,- radio harness

12volts red (40A), red (40A) + ignition harness
Starter yellow + ignition harness
Second Starter N/A
Ignition pink + ignition harness
Second Ignition white + ignition harness
Notes: To avoid the check engine light from coming on and possible damage to the automatic transmission, the second ignition in this vehicle MUST be powered when adding a remote start system.
Third Ignition N/A
Accessory orange + ignition harness
Second Accessory brown + ignition harness
Keysense lt. green - ignition harness
Power Lock use 457G or 456G module
Notes: If Directed module 457G or 456G is not available, refer to DirectFax document 1601.

On base model trucks, the 457G or 456G is not necessary. Instead, the lock wire is lt. blue (-), pin B5, and the unlock wire is white (-), pin B10. They are in the lt. blue plug at the BCM.
Power Unlock see power lock
Lock Motor gray 5wi driver door module in door
Unlock Motor tan 5wi driver door module in door
Parking Lights+ brown + driver kick panel
Parking Lights- gray/black - switch or BCM, brown plug, pin B2
Notes: The BCM (Body Control Module) is under the driver side dash. It has 6 plugs in it, the purple plug is on the back.
Hazards white - hazard switch
Turn Signal(L) dk. green + turn signal switch
Turn Signal(R) lt. green + turn signal switch
Reverse Light lt. green + BCM, black plug, pin F
Notes: The BCM (Body Control Module) is under the driver side dash. It has 6 plugs in it, the purple plug is on the back.
Door Trigger gray/blk (L), black/wht (R) - each door module in each door
Notes: On base model trucks, the door trigger wires are in the lt. blue plug at the BCM, pins B4 and A5.

On 4dr trucks, the LR door trigger is lt. blue/black, pin A3, and the RR is lt. green/black, pin A2. They are in the purple plug at the BCM.

Use all wires and diode isolate.

The BCM (Body Control Module) is under the driver side dash. It has 6 plugs in it, the purple plug is on the back.
Dome Supervision gray/black + BCM, black plug, pin E
Notes: The BCM (Body Control Module) is under the driver side dash. It has 6 plugs in it, the purple plug is on the back.
Factory Alarm Arm arms on lock with door open
Factory Alarm Disarm lt. green - driver door module in door
Disarm No Unlock see factory alarm disarm
Tachometer white ac instrument cluster, pin A5 or PCM
Notes: The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is in the left front of the engine compartment to the left of the fan shroud.

On gas models, the tach wire is in the green plug, pin 10.

On diesel models, the tach wire is in the gray plug, pin 37.

On hybrid models, the tach wire is in the green plug, pin 35.

For tach can also go to any of the ignition coils or fuel injectors and use the wire that is NOT pink, black, or brown.
Wait to start dk. blue - instrument cluster, pin A2 or PCM
Notes: The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is in the left front of the engine compartment to the left of the fan shroud. The wait to start wire is in the blue plug, pin 26.
Brake Wire white + brake pedal switch
Parking Brake lt. blue - switch or BCM, lt. blu plug, pin A7
Notes: The BCM (Body Control Module) is under the driver side dash. It has 6 plugs in it, the purple plug is on the back.
Horn Trigger black/yellow to black - switch or BCM, gray plug, pin B9
Notes: The BCM (Body Control Module) is under the driver side dash. It has 6 plugs in it, the purple plug is on the back.
Immobilizer Bypass Module: Required: Yes Type: Passlock 2 Part #: 457G, 555L, or FLCAN
Notes: The Passlock 2 wire colors are yellow, black, and red/white (not used).
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Re: 2006 Silverado Help Please

I have an 06 2500 Crew and I kept all of the factory equipment becaues it was the Bose system, and just added a couple of subs with the line out adapter on the facotry head unit. Works great for me.

Ive heard a lot of problems like this when people start changing the head units. Something with the way GM routed the warning chimes through the stereo system. I would try replacing the head unit with the factory one and see if that fixes the problem.
Old 03-01-2009, 08:14 PM   #6
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Re: 2006 Silverado Help Please

I think your problem is that your shopping at Walmart for stereo equipment
We refuse all harnesses and install kits from there, they are nothing but crap and trouble! For some reason Scoche stamps their name on that crap and yet turns around and makes good decent parts for everybody else. When people come in, hear our prices, buy from Walmart, then come back expecting us to install it and we refuse, they just claim that the Wallie crap is the same stuff that we sell, just cheaper. Dam world economy!
Old 03-01-2009, 08:39 PM   #7
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Re: 2006 Silverado Help Please

I used the kit from crutchfield in my 06 chevy van. Should be same wiring and everything as the 1500. Worked like a charm and has had no issues with it. Very well could be the wally world crap adapter. Those things are pricey but I got a good discount on mine at the time because of buying the head unit from them to.
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